Living Large

I have been fortunate in my lifetime, so far, to have done a lot of the things I wanted to do.  There are still so many other things I hope, and plan, to do while still in this earthly existence.  I have always practiced my profession – hey, still have bills to pay – but I have also had the pleasure of working simultaneously at a second career (from which I retired in 2002 after almost 20 years), and many other endeavors.  If I found something that interested me, I simply applied myself to learning about that new interest.  Over the course of the years I have learned to weave, make chain maille, carve wood, bead and bead weave, make hardened leather objects such as armor pieces and shamanic rattles. Continue reading

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The Measure of a man.

My dad once told me that you could get a true measure of a man based on one simple fact – that is by how he treats the women in his life.  If a man places his wife, daughter(s), grand-daughter(s), mother, grandmother, etc on the highest pedestal of honor; then you know he is a good man.  If he keeps them close to his heart and longs for their well being; then he is a good man.  If their comfort, security and happiness are his priority; then he must be a good man.  If he can honestly say, “I would kill or die for them”, then there is no doubt he is a good man.

May we all hope that the women in our lives are testament to the fact we are good men.

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Miracles are like Earthquakes

Miracles are like Earthquakes.  A few are monumental, life changing events, while most pass by imperceptibly and unnoticed.

Miracles do happen, it is an undeniable fact, yet we only seem to notice those miracles that are grand in scope.  Jesus’ raising the dead, turning the water into wine, healing the leaper, and then resurrecting from the dead, the mother who lifts the car off her trapped child, are all examples of what we commonly refer to as miracles.  However, I challenge you to learn to recognize miracles in your everyday life.  Is it not a miracle when the grass grows, when you wake in the morning to the beautiful sunlight, when a new baby is born, when you find that $20 bill you forgot about having? Continue reading

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Cultivate Your Dreams

A couple of years ago, one of the ladies in our office left the company to, well let’s just say “pursue other opportunities”.  As happens so many times, when she cleaned out her office she left behind this poor, scraggily, and near twig of a potted plant.  Not a single person in the office wanted to claim the poor fellow, as it had been deemed a bad luck charm.  You see, this plant once belonged to another former employee who also went off to “pursue other opportunities”, and then another, finally falling to its most recent owner. Continue reading

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I must first apologize for my absence. It has definitely been a few weeks of ups and downs – but, such is life. It is an obvious truth that Life teaches us the greatest lessons we could ever hope to learn. No school, university, or other institution of higher learning has yet come up with a method of teaching so profoundly effective as that of Life’s method.

So today, I complete another semester at the college of life, and celebrate with a toss of the old tassel. Hoorah! Hoorah! Hoorah!

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Can it ever not be a good day?

It’s really that simple when you think about it. We’re alive and, as the old saying goes, ”any day above ground is a good day!”

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