Cultivate Your Dreams

A couple of years ago, one of the ladies in our office left the company to, well let’s just say “pursue other opportunities”.  As happens so many times, when she cleaned out her office she left behind this poor, scraggily, and near twig of a potted plant.  Not a single person in the office wanted to claim the poor fellow, as it had been deemed a bad luck charm.  You see, this plant once belonged to another former employee who also went off to “pursue other opportunities”, and then another, finally falling to its most recent owner.

So, not believing that such was the actual case, I adopted old withered plant.  I took it to the sink in our little office kitchen and sat it under the faucet.  I stirred the dry soil in the planter, breaking it loose and letting a little O2 in; watered it until it was thoroughly moist, then set it on the corner of my desk.  At the time I did not have a window near my office space, so I had installed four fluorescent grow lights in place of the dreary ones occupying the remainder of the room.  I tended the poor old fellow, speaking gently to it, fertilizing it, and generally attempting to let it know that I appreciated it’s place in the grand scheme of life.

As time progressed, I watched the little fellow put on new leaves and its stems growing stronger and stronger.  After about a year it had grown to a lush two feet tall.  I needed to train it to not ‘run’ all over my workspace, so I add a small stake and tied it up to help it reach upward.  A few months later, company restructuring moved me up and into a corner office space – with a near floor to ceiling window.  I placed my little friend there, and for the past year have watched him grow to the entire height of my window.  Wow!

I say all of that, to simply say this.  Our ideas, hopes, and dreams are much like that little plant.  Often when we share these with others they ridicule or proclaim us nothing more than a dreamer – but our ideas, hopes, or dreams, somehow manage to hang in there until the right opportunity comes along.  Then when it does, we seize that opportunity and cultivate, and stir up our passion for it.  As we tend it, it grows and develops into a most wonderful thing.

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