Miracles are like Earthquakes

Miracles are like Earthquakes.  A few are monumental, life changing events, while most pass by imperceptibly and unnoticed.

Miracles do happen, it is an undeniable fact, yet we only seem to notice those miracles that are grand in scope.  Jesus’ raising the dead, turning the water into wine, healing the leaper, and then resurrecting from the dead, the mother who lifts the car off her trapped child, are all examples of what we commonly refer to as miracles.  However, I challenge you to learn to recognize miracles in your everyday life.  Is it not a miracle when the grass grows, when you wake in the morning to the beautiful sunlight, when a new baby is born, when you find that $20 bill you forgot about having?

Just like earthquakes, miracles happen all the time and in various magnitudes.  To be limited to only recognizing the great ones is to accept only a small portion of the marvelous, fantastic world of the creation.

The U.S. Geological Survey estimates that more than 1.3 million earthquakes occur each year, which is approximately 3561 per day.  Yet, annually, fewer than 1300 are of a magnitude of 5 or greater.  So, less than .1% of earthquakes are of any consequence – by comparison, do we then consider 99.9% of miracles inconsequential?

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2 Responses to Miracles are like Earthquakes

  1. I like your reflective question, for, truly, it says it all.

    I like to think that miracles can also be equated with synchronicities; you know, those messages that have a special meaning that only you can intuitively decipher.

    You have been pondering an issue and a bird flies directly in front of your car.

    You have posed a question to the universe and you look up to see a rainbow in the sky.

    Needing to get somewhere, you are greeted with a green light at the busy intersection.

    You are contemplating a move and a truck, featuring a gold phoenix, rising from the ashes, finds its way in front of you.

    When you affirm that everything is in perfect alignment, you can expect more of these types of messages in your life.

  2. In reflecting upon this post it would do all of us good to consider the events of each day and realize that we see miraculous beauty in nature, and the fact that each day babies are born, not only to humankind, but to all creatures, great and small. I am reminded of a statement I heard years back: ‘Everytime a baby is born it is God’s way of saying that the world should go on.’

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