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Infidel: Legends of the Men of Iron, Book One, the first in the series, was released to great reviews on March 1, 2012.  This volume begins the story during the period of the Last Crusade to the Holy Land and introduces our main characters.  With assassins, knights, clerics, and traitors; Infidel begins to weave the dark, obviously fictional?, past of the secret order associated with the Knights of the Temple and the Freemasons.

This book is available on Amazon.com in both printed and Kindle versions, and at our publisher’s website, www.stclairpublications.com in both printed and ebook versions.

Men of Iron was written in 1891 by Howard Pyle.  This book was influential in my young view of the world and the ways of honor.  I, however, always felt that there was much more to the story than what we were presented.  As I grew older and began to write, I set forth many scenarios of the events leading up to Pyle’s story, and equally as many that continued the tale.

Knowing the dark aura of Medieval England, and Europe for that matter, led me to develop the stories in a darker way.  Pyle’s Men of Iron was a book for young people – The Legends of the Men of Iron Series is written for that same generation of readers (my generation) who are now older but yet want more of the story of young Myles Falworth.

This series consists of four volumes.

  • Volume One – Infidel – lays the far past background for the characters of our tales.
  • Volume Two – Bound By Blood – tells of the events leading up to Sir John Dale’s execution witnessed by young Myles.
  • Volume Three – Sins of the Father – is based more closely on Pyle’s work, just darker and more sinister.
  • Volume Four – Legacy of Honor – continues the tale after Myles’ battle with the Earl of Alban.

Legends of the Men of Iron is published by St. Clair Publications.


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